Programmatic & Data Conference 2015


Technology at the service of Marketing & Advertising

“The Programmatic Revolution”

David Frew – Programmes Manager, IAB UK

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“Digital Acceleration with Programmatic”

Cadi Jones – Director of Audience & Programmatic Advertising, Northern Europe, Yahoo

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“Programmatic: A global look on current and future practices”

Ashish Mahajan – Senior Partner Platform Manager, Cadreon EMEA

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“Big Data & Programmatic Advertising; What is Nex”

Αθηνά Κανιούρα – Managing Director, Accenture Digital

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“Follow the Programmatic Playbook-and Avoid the Pitfalls”

Yann Blat – Head of Sales Operations, Sizmec France

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“Naked Programmatic: Everything you want to know about Programmatic but are afraid to ask”

Δημήτρης Μανιάτης – Head, Reprise Media

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“Programmatic Personalization Powered by Smart Data: From Mass Communication to Hyper-Segmentation”

Samir Reinert – Industry Manager, Sociomantic

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“First Steps in Data Driven Planning”

Οδυσσέας Ντότσικας – Διευθύνων Σύμβουλος και Ιδρυτής, TDG

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“The Power of Publisher Partnerships”

Gilles Guillou – Chief Revenue Officer, La Place Media

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“Programmatic Advertising and its Impact on European Publishers”

Benjamin Crain – Chief Strategy Officer, Improve Digital

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