Programmatic Advertising Conference 2018


“Programmatic Trading in Europe – key trends, attitudes and growth drivers”

Simon Halstead, Chairman of Programmatic Committee, IAB Europe

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“From iconic trademark to emotive brand”

Lei Sorvisto, Audience & Brand Director, Autotrader UK

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“Relevance over Performance: Moment Advertising”

Πέτρος Λυτρίβης, Head of Digital, BGM OMD

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“Making Friends With Robots”

Chris Clarke, Chief Creative Officer / International, DigitasLBi

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“What programmatic means for your business in 2018”

Emma Burnham, Head of Biddable Media, iCrossing UK

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“Bidding Challenges”

Κωνσταντίνος Δανιάς, Head of Digital Department, MindShare

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“Building a Programmatic – First Βusiness”

Σπυριδούλα Δρακοπούλου, Head of Finance & Performance Agencies, Google

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“Premium Publishers & Programmatic : A guide for survival”

Filippo Davanzo, Head of Digital Business and Marketing, La Repubblica / La Stampa

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“TV goes Programmatic – Challenge Accepted!”

Joachim Schneidmadl, Chief Operating Officer, Virtual Minds / ProSiebenSat Group

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