Events & Special Programs Manager, IAB Poland

Malgorzata Walendziewska

At IAB Poland Malgorzata is responsible for events and special programs such as Code of Conduct for Programmatic Advertising and the Quality Improvement Program – QUALID. She has been associated with the advertising industry for almost 15 years and during that that she has been fortunate enough to experience it from almost every aspect – from a publisher’s perspective, agencies and research tools, up to an advertising platform side.


The Programmatic Advertising Code of Conduct – from an idea to the first Signatories.

With programmatic advertising on the rise, every market is or will face some challenges. This year in Poland, already 22% of the online ads were purchased via programmatic methods, and we’ve noticed nearly 20% growth of the programmatic market in recent years. To ensure quality, safety, and transparency in this space to all entities operating on the Polish market, we’ve decided to implement the Programmatic Advertising Code of Conduct.

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